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A deeply distressing incident which has left you feeling horrible and changed your  personality is called Trauma. Trauma is how the mind respond to perceived life threatening or over whelming negative experiences.Trauma is the most avoided, denied and untreated form of human suffering.

PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a debilitating anxiety disorder that occurs after either experiencing or witnessing a traumatic incident.

Symptoms of PTSD
Flashbacks                Loss of Purpose           Panic Attacks                         Difficulty Concentrating
Depression                Loss of Pleasure          Self Harm                               Intrusive thoughts
Fears & Phobias       Existential Crisis         Sleeping Problems                Feeling detached
Nightmares               No Self Worth             Interpersonal problems       Poor memory


The symptoms of trauma can be present all the time or they can come and go and be triggered by stress. Sometimes symptoms can remain hidden for decades and suddenly surface.

When the symptoms of trauma become too much to cope then victim of trauma turns to substance abuse. Victims of trauma are more likely to develop addictive behaviours than compared to the general population.

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