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Molly Zones

After many years of suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, I had got to a real emotional low in my life. I had moved to a new GP and she recommended that I go see Dolly, thank goodness she did!

EMDR has really helped me understand my emotions, why I feel anxious and what my triggers are. Dolly is kind, calming, she listens and makes you feel completely at ease.

I was sceptical at first, but shortly realised how impactful EMDR is, coupled with Dolly’s amazing knowledge and skill I have come away feeling like I am able to deal with situations/people in my life in a way I was unable to beforehand. I feel free of the of the destructive emotions that I had and my confidence and belief in myself is the best it has ever been.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dolly.


Prior to EMDR with Dolly, I was withdrawn from the world and people around me. I often experienced strong feelings of panic or hopelessness. I’d had years of counselling and therapy to treat my anxiety and depression but had come to the conclusion that the unhappiness I was experiencing was ‘just the way I am’ and couldn’t be changed.
Dolly was extremely compassionate, and also incredibly perceptive. She described EMDR concepts in a way that made them easy to understand and maintained an unwavering belief in me that I did not have in myself. We worked through traumas that I’d never processed, and as I made progress, I slowly began to believe in myself too.
Now that I’ve completed my sessions with Dolly, my life is completely different. Feelings and memories that used to overwhelm me no longer do, and I’m empowered to look for and accept opportunities. Everyone who knows me has noticed the difference – that I am more open, happier, more talkative, and that I’m pursuing life rather than retreating from it. Every personal and professional opportunity that I now have the courage to follow seems to lead to another. The EMDR sessions I had with Dolly have created a snowball effect of positive change, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Thank you for bringing "me" back. I came into EMDR hopeful but slightly dubious of how it worked, I am a talker by nature and its not your typical talking therapy that I was used to. However Dolly made me feel comfortable from the beginning and helped me work through trauma stored in me that I had been pushing to the side from recent and past events. Dolly helped me see that being helpful and kind is important but that extends to myself and that my worth isn't tied up solely on those actions alone. I came in feeling stuck, angry, and upset at the battles life had thrown at me and the injustice of my kindness then not being "paid back" when times were hard in my life. Through hard work EMDR helped me find peace and clarity whilst also giving me hope for my future pregnancy and relationships. It helped me rediscover some of my self worth and helped me realise I needed to take time to heal and look after myself which is a new life skill I am still trying to master!

Mrs K Saran

A letter written to GP

I’m writing to you today to give you an update on our last meeting. As you may recall, I was suffering with complete overwhelm, which affected most aspects of my everyday life for quite a long time.

It was soon concluded that Sertraline would have to be taken long term as medically, it was thought that I did not produce enough, if any serotonin to function ‘normally’. As you know, I wanted to pursue a natural alternative to this, so after some research I found that those in a similar or sadly worse situation than myself were taking 5HTP to help their symptoms.

Having taken 5HTP while waiting for the therapy to start with Mind, I thought it worked really well on a physical level, allowing me to feel calmer and less frantic. This also helped my sleep patterns enormously, as I took the supplement ( which included valerian )at night. But it didn’t make me feel 100% back to myself.

As you are aware, after a recommendation from a friend having gone through similar symptoms as myself, I took the opportunity to try EMDR therapy, instead of waiting for CBT. I did this through ‘Mindset let’s change it’ in Chelmsford. I am writing to you now, to tell you that it’s been the most transforming therapy I could ever hope for.
Not only were the sessions short, to the point and not long or drawn out - (this made it so accessible and useful as a busy mum of three ). But after each session, I felt empowered and i saw immediate effects after one session - it simply took the symptoms we were working on away.
Processing old traumas or stories properly, ones of which I had no idea were having a detrimental effect on my mental and physical heath, came as nothing short of a revelation.
Anxiety and the symptoms this brought with it such as stomach churning, indecisiveness, and constantly living in fight or flight mode were taken away, bit-by-bit to such a degree, that even thinking of old traumas have no negative physical effect on me.

From a day to day point of view , I am now socially active if I choose, I can say no without beating myself up about what anyone thinks, I can handle the (what was) enormity of decisions big or small, I can calmly deal with the constant ups and downs of having a home and 3 children to manage, I can look to the future and think about what I’d like to do career wise...the list goes on. These is no overwhelm. There is no anxiety. I’m free. It’s completely left me.
I have no need to take any other supplements other than a multi vitamin.

I really wanted to share this with you, as often I’m sure doctors administer drug or make referrals, but never see the end result. I think this is really important for you to know. Maybe someone else’s life can be transformed if I share how much I’ve been helped.


It has been an absolute pleasure to meet Dolly.

My friend recommended her, said she's helped her loads, she's awesome and after my treatment I 100% agree.

The sessions although strange to get used to at first, have helped me so much. I had so much stress, trauma, unhappyiness locked inside me for so many years that I allowed people to treat me badly. I felt numb to so many feelings.

Since Ive been "Dollied" as I call it, I feel at peace, calm, happy, I truly value myself! My sense of humour is returning, I find my self singing to the radio.
Thanks to Dolly and the treatment the world is a much bright place, its great to be alive, Im so thankful for all the blessings in life and most importantly I no longer allow people to treat me badly.


I had been suffering from anxiety since the age of 8 and when I was 19 I went to see Dolly for EMDR to help with my anxiety and panic attacks. I was finding life very hard and my anxiety was at its worst.
EMDR massively helped me to understand my anxiety, why I feel anxious and what is happening when I have an anxiety or panic attack. Talking to Dolly helped me to I understand what my trigger is and why. It has been very useful to really understand what is happening in my head and I learnt techniques to help me. I can no longer feel the anxiety when I think about a particular trauma that caused me to have panic attacks, because we processed it with EMDR. The anxiety is no longer there, and it felt as if there was a shift.
We used EMDR to walk through future events which were making me anxious. At the moments where I felt anxious, we would process the anxiety until it was gone. This meant that when it was happening for real, I didn't panic or have a panic attack.
EMDR has changed my life and it is thanks to Dolly. Dolly is a warm, kind and incredible person. I always felt comfortable in sessions, she is very easy to talk to and always made me feel at ease. I am now 20 and I am very happy. After 12 years I have my life back and I am in control, not anxiety. I cannot recommend EMDR and Dolly enough.


I was unsure about how EMDR might help Harvey as he had received support previously via a school counsellor which had little effect on his behaviour. He has also had regular group sessions with his peers which focus on emotional well being, these sessions had helped with his self esteem but he was still unable to implement the coping mechanisms he had been taught.

As a family, we noticed a change in Harvey after only one session. He became calmer in general and didn't anger as quickly. He also had more patience with his younger brothers and was able to diffuse disagreements before they became out of hand, particularly with his 7 year old brother who he clashed the most with.

After 3 sessions he was noticeably calmer and relaxed to those outside of our family and he has also been teaching some of the skills that you have taught him to his brothers.

Harvey said that he had 10 sessions with a school counsellor which he enjoyed but found that they didn't help at all but that after receiving EMDR everything changed and was much better.

I would recommend EMDR to anyone as the results have been amazing!

Thank you so much Dolly.


"I finally realised that my fear of heights was holding me back on life's wonders and I did not want to pass this fear onto my children. After experiencing a severe panic attack I knew I had to face my fears once and for all.

I was recommended to EMDR therapy, so when I met Dolly I knew immediately I was in safe hands and with the right person. She immediately puts you at ease due to her warmth and knowledge. Whilst I found EMDR method strange and initially I was sceptical I was amazed that it takes you quickly & easily into the exact place & time of both known & previously unknown trauma. Dolly was able to effectively reprogram me by taking the emotional conflict connected with my fear of heights & releasing the negative charge around it.

I am pleased to say that I no longer have a fear of heights and I am finally enjoying the spectacular views of the world."

Holly Blue

I was feeling very emotional and down. Things were occurring in my life and I wanted help with them. After some research I come across EMDR with Mindset lets change it.
I was sceptical at first, however I was fed up with all this emotional baggage. I went along for a free consultation with Dolly and felt so at ease.
Dolly is a great listener (I done a lot of talking) and it became clear that although I didn’t consider my past as traumatic, my brain did. I had become frozen in certain emotions and no matter what was happening in life, I couldn’t move on from them. I was distancing myself and putting up barriers, but doing this made me hurt more, as I felt disconnected from my loved ones.
Working with Dolly has been amazing. It was emotional but we worked through each area and I can honestly say, this massive emotional weight has been lifted from me. I feel lighter. I am thinking and acting in the present as an adult (not as my inner child).
The testimonials on this website are what made me what to find out more. I am leaving this feedback as I hope it helps someone else make that choice. It was the best thing I have done for myself and my family, I feel connected again.


My EMDR experience with Dolly Bhargava has benefitted me in many ways. As a university student, I require a lot of focus but underlying past issues and stress and anxiety caused by them harmed me academically. I had never heard of this kind of therapy but I’m now fully convinced that it deals with problems associated with mind really well. Also, more importantly, Dolly is a great listener and took my case very earnestly. She is a great interpreter of emotions and thoughts and with the help of her strong understanding I was able to kill all my demons.

Sarah Patterson

Several months ago I went to my GP having been suffering with terrible anxiety for some considerable time. I knew that I wanted some form of counselling but having trawled the Internet I did not know where to start. I had become consumed by various events which had taken place over the past 18 months since the death of my father. My GP referred me to Dolly.
During my first meeting with Dolly, she explained fully what her therapy involved and she listened carefully to what my traumas were. She left me in no doubt that my issues could be resolved and that I would feel better.
Dolly's empathetic nature, and obvious skill and experience not only succeeded in unlocking and processing my own traumas but also enabled me to understand other people's behaviour and therefore how to deal better with it.
I would not hesitate in recommending Dolly to anyone who feels that anxiety is holding them back from living their life as they would want to. She has been a god-send !"

Matthew Howard

My experience with EMDR therapy was life changing. I visited my therapist as a very weak, unhappy and lacking in confidence person.
I left as a different person, feeling strong,confident and most importantly free. I felt like I am living again.

Caroline Baker

I felt that I needed some help and my friend recommended Dolly. Dolly is a kind, compassionate lady and she has incredible knowledge and insight into the brain and how it works. I had some issues to talk through and some future events to prepare for. She suggested that we should try EMDR. I had my doubts, and found it a very strange idea! I didn't believe that it would work.

I had a break in the middle of my treatment where I went to Australia. I had a fear of heights, but really wanted to climb Sydney bridge with my family. My fear was particularly acute when I could see through the walkway or stairs I was on. Dolly talked me through my walk over the bridge, I 'walked' over the bridge in my mind with Dolly's guidance, so when I got to do it for real, I led my family over with confidence and absolutely no fear whatsoever. My second challenge on holiday was to dive the Great Barrier Reef, with EMDR I conquered my fear of water going over my head, and successfully dived under the sea and fed the fish! With no fear at all!

I found the whole EMDR experience absolutely fascinating and I now feel a completely different person, I would highly recommend this for anyone. My confidence is returning and I am ready to get on with my life again.


Having had a fear of heights and in particular, heights with sheer drops I was interested to hear about the EMDR therapy and see if it could free me from the life long fear.

Dolly Bhargava has a very approachable disposition and I felt immediately at ease when she started to ask me questions. The room where she carries out her practice is light, airy and very tranquil.

The therapy was nothing like anything I had experienced previously. It was not rushed and I found it very relaxing. At the end of the session I felt calm and happy, but at this point did not know whether any progress had been made. However, shortly after I went on a trip that involved several hours of driving on very high, mountainous, bumpy terrain and experienced absolutely no fear. In fact for the first time in my life I actively looked down at the sheer drops and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. This was quite an amazing experience as instead of being fearful and not enjoying the trip, I thoroughly enjoyed it with no fear.

This has been life changing and I look forward to having more sessions to conquer more fears to enable myself to enjoy a fuller, freer lifestyle.

Jenny Saunders

My experience with EMDR was incredible. I had had problems ever since I was little and learnt to live with them. When Dolly told me about this therapy I have to admit i didn't believe her. I thought it was impossible for anyone to take away all my bad feelings and traumas. During the course of my life, I have always had a paralysing phobia of death, It killed me as a person, and I damaged my inter personal relationships.

I flew all my way from Spain to the UK to do my therapy with her. It has been a life changing experience. I had been to therapy so many times before, and it never changed anything.

It took me only a couple of hours to get rid of absolutely everything.
I strongly recommend this experience, and I strongly recommend anyone who is thinking about it to trust me.
I wish I had done it before, now I am a new person.

David Smith

Although I was really scared at the thought of starteing therapy I have to say EMDR has been very beneficial, helping me to access childhood memories that were locked away and yet causing me a great deal of anxiety.

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