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Counselling is a way of addressing problems by talking them through with someone who is able to be supportive but who is not directly involved in the situation.Counsellors are trained to listen non-judgementally to your worries and problems, to help you understand better what is happening? Counsellors will be supportive but give little or no direct advice, since the aim is to help the individual to develop insight into their own problems.

Counsellors will help you to try and find ways of managing these more effectively and develop effective coping strategies.

I offer Integrative counselling which is a holistic way of working.It adapts the treatment to the most effective way for the individual’s specific problems and circumstances.

There are three stages of Counselling.

Beginning Stage

This stage focus on relationship building and assessment. It also focus on clarifying and defining the problems.

Middle Stage

This stage focus on helping clients to reassess or reframe their problems and concerns. This stage marks the important shift in the process ,away from problems and toward solutions.

End Stage

This stage has to do with planning for and taking effective action. To decide an appropriate change.To implement change and transfer the learning. To end the working relationship.

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